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Share Capital

Number of securities in issue

As at 31 December 2011, the Company’s issued share capital consists of 10,285,590 ordinary shares with a nominal value of €0.13 each ("Ordinary Shares"), each share having equal voting rights.

The Company holds 143,835 Ordinary Shares with a nominal value of €0.13 each in treasury.

Major shareholders

As at 10 April 2012, the Company is aware of the following shareholdings amounting to 5% or more of the ordinary share capital of the Company:

As at 10 April 2014, the Company had received notification of the following interests in its ordinary share capital:




Goodboody Stockbroker Nominees Limited


BNY Custodial Nominees (Ireland) Limited









In accordance with the IEX Rules (Rule 26), in so far as the Company is aware, the percentage of the Company’s issued share capital that is not in public hands is 19.16%. This percentage comprises the holdings of Goodbody Stockbroker, BNY Custodial Nominees and the directors of the Company.